On February 20 - Auction Of Players Of IPL 2017 Will be Held

The IPL auction of players for the tenth edition happening in 2017 will be held on February 20 in Bengaluru.
"There will be 2017 IPL players' auction on 20th of February on the Ritz-Carlton in Bengaluru," a statement from the IPL.
"The IPL franchises will take part into the auction of players with a most of Rs 143.33 crore purse for edition 2017".
The teams could have a most of 27 players along with nine foreign places players. A most of 76 players, which include 28 distant places, can be sold at the auction.
The auction of Players became delayed in the beginning proposed date of February 4 because of the administrative modifications within the Board of control for Cricket in India (BCCI) following the instructions of the ultimate court.
BCCI's Committee of administrators (COA) has already finalized the dates for the tournament with the league beginning on April 5th and twill end on May 21.

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Venues Of IPL Auctions

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